Do you love F45? Group fitness workouts? Bootcamps? SAME. Do you hate how expensive they are and how you can’t do them in your own time or in your own home? SAME. Because of this, over my years of professional netball, I managed to collate exercises and trainings that I loved doing and built my own wee training resource that has allowed me to train at home whenever suits me.

Circuits are an easy way to incorporate many different exercises and work different body groups in an easy, fun and challenging way that involves little thinking… therefore, lots of doing! I’ve put together LOTS and LOTS of circuits to suit all sorts of abilities and goals. Using the knowledge I’ve gained from my elite training over the years, I’ve decided to start sharing these circuits with you guys so no one has an excuse to not move their body at home!

Some require equipment, some don’t. Some are strength focused, some are cardio focused. Some are 12 minutes long, some are 40 minutes long. There’s something for everyone! Here’s my first release: Storm’s Full Body Cardio Blast. Why not give it a go and stay tuned for more to be released here on SimplyStorm soon!

storm’s full body cardio blast

Work every exercise for 40 seconds and have 20 seconds rest. (Download an interval timer for your smartphone – I use GYMBOSS)

Equipment needed: optional skipping rope, optional 3-5kg weight

Start by completing 3 sets, taking a minute rest between every completed set. You can build this up to taking no rest between sets or completing 4 or 5 sets.

  1. Cross Jumps
  2. Oblique twist (add optional weight)
  3. Prone drop and pop
  4. Burpee
  5. Bicycle Crunch
  6. Tricep Push-Up
  7. Single Leg square bound (swap leg half way through)
  8. Mountain Climbers
  9. Lunge Jump
  10. High knees running on the spot (optional skipping)

Here’s a video to see each of the exercises in action. As always, if you have any questions, leave a comment below!